Boris Savinkov and His Wars against the Tsar and the Bolsheviks

"A controversial figure in Russian history earns an impassioned, long-overdue treatment.  This thoroughgoing biography builds [Savinkov’s] story with meticulous, novelistic detail . . . Throughout this fascinating historical biography, Alexandrov demonstrates his facility with the Soviet archives, delivering a scholarly yet accessible work perfect for library collections.  A painstaking work of archival research that unearths little-known details of early Soviet history."

Kirkus Starred Review

"an exhaustively researched biography of Russian revolutionary Boris Savinkov (1879–1925) . . . Marshalling a large cast of characters and a mountain of research into a fluid narrative, Alexandrov clarifies the complex dynamics of the Russian Revolution. This trenchant biography gives its fascinating subject his due."

Publishers Weekly

"In an age of extremes, Boris Savinkov was neither Red nor White, and his story shows a complexity to Russian history and the paths not taken that throws all our assumptions into disarray."

Literary Hub’s CrimeReads: 5 Nonfiction Books You Should Read This Month (September 2021)

"engagingly and thoroughly readable new biography . . . important and fascinating book."

The Critic (UK), November 2021

“this compelling study . . . distils a great deal of research into a fast-paced narrative [that] reads like a political thriller . . . it is a story Alexandrov tells with aplomb.”

Times Literary Supplement (UK), November 19, 2021. Reprint in The Spectator World (UK), November 23, 2021.

"This excellent study expertly chronicles the complexities of the Russian Revolution and the Civil War through the extraordinary life of Boris Savinkov . . . The breadth of Alexandrov’s research is highly impressive as is his large cast of characters, whom he handles very deftly . . .This very welcome biography now brings Savinkov’s adventures to a whole new audience."

History of War (UK), November 25, 2021.

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